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MyRosary One year

It’s been one year. We’re celebrating!

It’s almost May, the month of Mary, which means that it’s been one year since MyRosary is up and running.

We’ve spread our knot rosary all over the United States and a little bit of Canada. But we didn’t stop there. Those rosaries travelled as far as United Kingdom, Brazil, Lebanon, Pakistan, India, Vietnam, Philippines and Australia. How cool is that?


We love the idea that we are 127 people praying together. We hope anyway, because meditating on Jesus changes our life.

Actually, 16 out of those 127 are still waiting for their knotted rosary, since we’re producing them at this moment. We’re sorry for that, by the way 😉

Because the production is so slow, shipping them take much longer than we wanted; yet it arrives.

If you don’t have your knot rosary, click here and choose yours.

If you don’t know yet how to pray the rosary click here.